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  1. Title Birdwatching
    ZOOART Festival, gardens Dino Fresia - Cuneo, Italy
    Work by collective aliment(e)azione

    Aliment(e)azione was a heterogeneous artistic collective born in Sardinia (Italy, 2008 - 2014).
    As one of the founders Edoardo Tedde has been working with the collective for 7 years.


    Medium installation
    Size variable
    Materials wood, printings, pens, binoculars
    Through the realization of some wooden stations installed within the festival area, visitors could observe the space thoroughly – a former zoo placed in the heart of the city. Aliment(e)azione implemented a conceptual reversal of the meaning of “zoo” as a space within its socio-cultural function, placing people on a dual side, both as observers and observed.

  2. Photos: courtesy of aliment(e)azione archive ©