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  1. Title Ferie d'agosto
    Museum Sa Domu Manna - Villanova Monteleone, Italy
    Work by collective aliment(e)azione

    Aliment(e)azione was a heterogeneous artistic collective born in Sardinia (Italy, 2008 - 2014).
    As one of the founders Edoardo Tedde has been working with the collective for 7 years.


    Medium installation
    Size variable
    Materials mix media
    For this work aliment(e)azione chose to take back the structure of the museum “Sa Domo Manna” to its original function, a house to live in. The collective involved people from cities and villages in the surroundings to move to the museum and furnish rooms with objects and foods donated by the same fellow citizens.
    For the whole period during which aliment(e)azione was living in the museum, people were free to contribute either bringing in objects, sharing a meal, a coffee or simply chatting with the occupants or sleeping overnight.

  2. Photos: courtesy of aliment(e)azione archive ©