©Edoardo Tedde

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  1. Title: Observatory
    RUB - Bochum, Germany
    Work by Edoardo Tedde, Nikola Kekerović and Devadeep Gupta

    Media site-specific installation - GIF
    Size 4x2x2m
    Materials cardboard moving boxes, rope


    For this site-specific installation, the artists decided to take inspiration from the shape of Nuraghe (the Sardinia’s ancient megalithic towers built during the Nuragic Age) to contrast the brutalist architecture in the city of Bochum, Germany.

    Conceived as an ephemeral installation, the structure was built taking into consideration the unpredictability of the weather and thus opening the work to the possibility of failure, referred to the brutalism’s lack in serving its purpose in improving housing planning.

    A few hours after the opening the rain caused the collapse of the tower. The fall had been recorded and the video has been changed into an infinite-loop GIF that is currently online and available on the GIPHY archive.