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  1. Title Specie spontanee
    Former psychiatrich hospital Rizzeddu - Sassari, Italy
    Work by collective aliment(e)azione
    In collaboration with A.F.A.R.P. and Giuseppe Di Liberti

    Aliment(e)azione was a heterogeneous artistic collective born in Sardinia (Italy, 2008 - 2014).
    As one of the founders Edoardo Tedde has been working with the collective for 7 years.

    Medium installation
    Size variable
    Materials mix media
    Specie spontanee (spontaneous species) was an artistic work and a collective experience which re-interpreted one of the former psychiatric hospital Rizzeddu's pavilion – currently A.F.A.R.P. main office – in a poetic way and to give a new conceptualization to the structure itself, previously marked by a profound sense of oppression and confinement. The work aimed at intervening in the area through re-evaluation and settle operations. At the same time the intent was to create an open space no more marginal, which a new memory could come out from, suggested by the local community and users of the former hospital which aliment(e)azione collaborated with for the project.



  4. Photos: courtesy of aliment(e)azione archive ©