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  1. Title: THE MIDAS TOUCH – Bill(ig)

    Part of the series THE MIDAS TOUCH

    Medium on-line auction
    Materials authentic €100,00 bill, handmade cardboard packaging, sealing wax, personalized stamp


    THE MIDAS TOUCH - Bill(ig) was a 10-day online-auction-based work.
    The work challenges the idea of monetary value as the prevailing force of appraisal for the value of art.

    Starting from an opening price of €1,00, participants could bid according to their perception the work's value.
    eBay has been chosen as a platform for its vast range of non-target-specific public.

    The winner of the online auction can decide whether to open the packaging and spend the 100€ bill contained inside the box or to save the entire object as an artwork. Depending on the amount of money bid, the winner may have earned up to 90 times the value of the bid itself.
    However, in order to save the object's status as an artwork, the entire work must be kept intact, as declared on the certificate of authenticity delivered along with the artwork.

    The €100,00 bill has been registered on the EuroBillTracker archive.



  4. The image shows the EuroBillTracker archive, where the 100€ bill has been registered.
    EuroBillTracker (EBT) is an international non-profit volunteer team dedicated to tracking Euro notes around the world.

    LINK: https://en.eurobilltracker.com/notes/?id=194895701

  5. Biding history