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  1. Title: THE MIDAS TOUCH – Money talks
    Schiller Museum and Bauhaus Museum - Weimar, Germany.

    Part of the series THE MIDAS TOUCH

    Media installation - talk
    Size variable
    Materials 1-million euros (authentic banknotes - shredded and compressed into a briquette), distilled water, gold-coated brass, iron


    A fake-gold-coated Roman scale was used as a yardstick to measure economic issues.
    The scale weighed water (essential element in life, although distilled and thus devoid of its essential properties within the installation) against 1-million euros (authentic banknotes, but shredded and compressed into a briquette).
    The symbolic appraisal between the weights resulted futile as both were bereft of their essential functions.
    Furthermore, the scale's structure has been modified in such a way that finding a balance between the two weights was never possible, rendering the appprisal pointless.

    Visitors to the installation were invited to attend a meeting about economic issues a month later, in the context of a public discussion at Bauhaus Museum Weimar, to share points of view and alternative proposals.
    The talk was given by Edoardo Tedde,  Vasili Macharadze and mediated by Dr. Boris Buden.


  3. Photo by Conrad Behr