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  1. Title The Spectacle of rejection
    Cultural artistic centre exQ, Sassari, Italy

    Medium video - 16:9, color, sound, duration 00.03.14
    In collacboration with Astral Tribe


    Starting from the analysis of the concept of spectacle theorized by Guy Debord (Paris, 1931 - Bellevue-la-Montagne, 1994), the work emphasizes how such a theory ended up as part of the same spectacle it used to criticize, being retrieved and overthrown by the same repressive logic that situationists have been fighting.

    The video is a series of personal brain scans that follow a quasi-mesmerizing rhythm, repeated in a fast sequence over an electronic music created by the musician Astral Tribe.

  2. Photo by Antonio Sini

    Photo by Antonio Sini